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Antique Kuba rug, "Konagkend" design, Northern Kuba Region, North East Azerbaijan

Lot: 167
Sumakh A large, four-medallions sumakh from the workshops of the Kuba region, where such decorative flatweaves were produced in large quantities in the second half of the 19th century. Towards the end of that century, their appearance changed dramatically due to the introduction of chemical dyes, which were much easier to use and are now widespread. The diverse, brilliant colours that constitute the appeal of this very beautiful example disappeared in later pieces. Well preserved except for small rewoven areas.
Origin: East Caucasus, Kuba region
Size: 292 x 238 cm
Age: Ca. 1870
Estimate: 11000
Literature: BORALEVI, ALBERTO, Sumakh. Flat-Woven carpets of the Caucasus. Florenz 1986, no. 7 *** DIMAND, MAURICE S. & MAILEY, JEAN, Oriental Rugs in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. New York 1973, cat. 181, fig. 243


Rippon Boswell
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Auction date: Saturday 23. May 2009 at 03 PM