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Antique Baku or Kuba Soumak rug, Eastern Azerbaijan

Major Spring Auction
Auction date: Saturday 23. May 2009 at 03 PM
Rippon Boswell

Lot: 89
Sumakh A red-ground sumakh with a rare primary design: two blue-ground, eight-pointed star medallions, each enclosing four yellow and four red pinwheel motifs. Similar designs are found in older Caucasian silk embroideries. The free spaces in the field left by the main design contain a wealth of larger and smaller motifs, including representations of animals and humans. The presence of aniline red is an indication of the date. Several rewoven areas, now in good condition.
Origin: East Caucasus, Kuba region
Size: 164 x 140 cm
Age: Third quarter 19th century
Estimate: 4600