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Antique Kuba prayer rug, third quarter 19th century, Kuba Region, North East Azerbaijan

This is a large Kuba prayer format piece. Austin Doyle said that it is similar to several rugs in “Caucasian Prayer Rugs” by Ralph Kaffel, that are dated there from early to the mid-19th century.

Kuba rugs are noted for their naturalistic flowers, as seen in this piece.

The tall, peaked mirhab is usually a sign of age.

Its wonderful blue and black main border has a design that initially looks like a stylized Kufic script, but may,
instead, be composed of countered botehs with one additional device and little red accent dots. Blue selveges, and warps plaited together a the ends are both characteristics of Kuba. Cross hatch minor borders can be seen in either Shirvan or Kuba rugs.

Information and picture from R. JOHN HOWE: TEXTILES AND TEXT