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Antique Kuba rug, second half nineteenth century, North East Azerbaijan

Plate no: 53
Zeikhur rug
1.14 x 1.43m (3'9" x 4'8")

Zeikhur is a village in the Kuba district. Prayer rugs asigned to Zeikhur are extremely rare; only ten examples are known to me, of which no two are alike. The latticed field of this rug is similar in 2nd half 19th century colouring and design to certain Kuba rugs, such as that shown in plate 42.1 The prayer arch is also similar in shape and ornamentation to Kuba arches (see plates 41, 42 and 43). Unlike the Kuba pieces, 1.14 X 1.43m (3'9" x 4'8") however, the entire field of this example is enclosed by a minor border of the same width, colour and design as the arch. The Zeikhur origin of this piece can be inferred from the floral design and colouring of the main border, which uses the characteristic Zeikhur tones of coral and pink.

Published at Ralph Kaffel's Caucasian Prayer Rugs