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441 A number of rugs with Lesghi stars woven in the soumak technique are known. There are also many of the small, jewel-like, soumak bag-faces so prized by today's collectors. Perhaps one of the most beautiful examples of the latter is illustrated in Joseph V. McMullan's Islamic Rugs (pl. 57), and is now in the Metropolitan Museum; another example, a complete pair of bags (khordjin), is illustrated in this book (no. 490). The McMullan collection also contained a full-size Lesghi star soumak rug (ibid, pl. 56) which is, again, in the Metropolitan Museum. A particularly beautiful example, with four large stars on a pale red field, is illustrated as plate 47 in the catalogue of The George Walter Vincent and Belle Townsley Smith Collection of Islamic Rugs (this has an interesting stencilled double S main border composition). Our example, although approximately half the size, is fairly close to the McMullan rug in style. The border on both contains continuous series of octagons, although on the McMullan rug these have more interesting central ornaments. Probably late 19th century. 151x89cm

Text from
Ian Bennett's Oriental Rugs Volume I