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Antique Kuba rug, 19th century, Southern Kuba Region, North East Azerbaijan

Design-wise there is a great deal going on in this rug and while its colors are striking the large scale of the “bracketed” areas of the main border are nearly as tall on the sides and as wide on the top and bottom as the medallions in the field, and may for some begin to “compete” with the latter.
Nevertheless, the colors in this rug exhibit a goodly number of the contrasts that contribute to aesthetic attractiveness. Several shades of blue are, for example, instances of good uses of contrast of “hue.”
Again, here are some closer details of this piece.
Notice that most motifs are outlined either with lighter or darker colors.
The “Lesghi star” device is another held to have been generated entirely by reflection and rotation of the triangular devices at the edges of the perpendicular and horizontal white areas of the medallion.

Text and pictures from R. JOHN HOWE: TEXTILES AND TEXT