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Antique Baku or Southern Kuba rug, mid-19th century, Azerbaijan.

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Ian Bennett: Oriental Rugs. Volume I: Caucasian Rugs

Plate: 436 This piece has beautiful, mellow colours and unusually shaped stars, giving it a very archaic quality. Some experts have voiced the opinion that this is, indeed, a very fine and genuine old Lesghi rug. It is easily noted, however, that the style of composition is not typical of those rugs usually ascribed to the Lesghi, and the stars are not actually Lesghi stars. Both chromatically and stylistically, the nearest comparison that can be made is with the "star" Kazaks, such as our 1 (the interlock border is also not found very often on north-east Caucasian rugs). Note also the Memling güls between the large stars, changing to a mini version of the large stars between the bottom two. A very rare and interesting piece. Probably mid-19th century. 245 x 121 cm