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AH 1284 (=1868 AD) dated antique Shirvan Marasali Kabistan prayer rug / namazlyg, Shirvan Region, Azerbaijan.

Major Spring Auction
Auction date: Saturday 23. May 2009 at 03 PM

Rippon Boswell & Co.
International Auctioneers of Rare Carpets & Textiles

Lot: 141
Marasali Prayer Rug: This prayer rug of extraordinarily fine weave (ca. 300,000 knots/sqm) has always been appreciated as an especially precious piece and protected accordingly, as its almost pristine condition shows. Individual details in the pile have been woven in silk or cotton. The date, "1284 A.H." (1868 AD), appears twice on the upper left, next to the top of the mihrab. As is often the case in Caucasian prayer rugs, the date may document a year of pilgrimage to Mecca. In publications, Shirvan prayer rugs of this elite quality are called Marasali. Very good condition, original finishes all around, the pile survives at its original height.

Origin: East Caucasus, Shirvan region
Size: 127 x 118 cm
Age: Dated 1868
Estimate: 13.000,00
Literature: KAFFEL, RALPH, Caucasian Prayer Rugs. London 1998, no. 94 *** DENNY, WALTER B. & WALKER, DANIEL, The Markarian Album. Cincinnati 1988, no. pl. 75