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AD 1268 (1851 AD.) Antique Shirvan rug, Southern Shirvan Region, Salyan (Saliani) District, Azerbaijan. mid 19th century.

Lot: 65
Saliani Judging by its knotting structure, characteristic border design and palette, this antique long rug belongs to the Saliani group. Five large hexagons decorated with floral designs lie along the central axis of the narrow, light red field; a white rectangle containing animals and a date, repeated three times, are seen between the fourth and fifth hexagons. This is an ethnologically significant reference piece of village production for home use in the Caucasus around the mid 19th century. Signs of heavy wear, holes and tears; the pile is missing in places. Cut sides, incomplete ends.

Origin: South East Caucasus
Dimensions: 268 x 104 cm
Age: Dated 1269 = 1853
Estimate: o. L.

Major Autumn Auction
Auction date: Saturday 04. December 2010 at 15 o'clock
Rippon Boswell & Co.
International Auctioneers of rare Carpets & Textiles