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Antique Caucasian Cloudband rug, Azerbaijan

Malybeyli, Shusha district, Karabakh
268 X 114 cm Around 1900

The bright brownish-red central field contains three octagonal medallions whose gol-shape is not as striking as the ones on the previous Malybeyli. They are drawn slightly square like the third and bottom medallion of No 219. The colouring is identical, only the squares in the centre are light except the bottom one which is yellow. The inner drawings are also designed differently with stars. The medallions show radiations with ornaments which are known from the Chelebi Kazak (Eagle Kazak). They are pounces like those of Turkmen Tekke goel, but they could also be umbels at the same time. Large botehs appear all over the central field. Their shape is quite common for the Karabakh region. The main border on a light ground shows three different patterns. On the sides, we find a row of S motifs (zanjireh - chains) which are slightly bigger and rounder at the top. At the bottom, it looks as if the weaver experimented with three double bird head motifs and finally opted for something else. A rosette stripe and a simple stripe of vine meanders enclose the main border.

Warp: Wool (probably Wool + Camel Hair blended), Z3 S, light brown.
Weft: Cotton, Z2, white, 2-3 wefts waved.
Pile: Wool,Z2, Pile Height:10 mm.
Knots: Sym. 1, H40 x V25 = 1,000 Kn/dm2.
Handle: Meaty, almost thick, coarsely
Selvedege: All selvedges now multi-coloured and round woolen shirazi.

Literature: L Kerimov III, p. 205, ill. 149.

published at Siyawouch Azadi "Azerbaijani Caucasian rugs" plate no: 220