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Early Shirvan carpet, Azerbaijan. 18th century.

Major Spring Auction

Auction date: Saturday 29. May 2010

Rippon Boswell & Co.
International Auctioneers
of rare carpets & textiles

Lot: 82
...the dramatic contrast between the calm of the camel-brown ground and the powerful, typically Caucasian, ornaments. The strongly outlined hooked blue medallions , which can be related to those seen on plate 69, are balanced by the less clearly defined central red medallion, as in the Star Kazaks. The cartouches between have evolved into stars.

Attributed to the Shirvan region on account of its structure, this carpet falls outside the East Caucasian design tradition of densely filled spaces. The three primary forms are accompanied by only a few secondary designs, and seem to float above the ground. Due to its harsh outlines, the pronounced reciprocity of its design and the archaic simplicity of its border, this Shirvan seems a nomadic rather than a village product.

Origin: East Caucasus
Size: 277 x 144 cm
Age: 18th century
Estimate: 6.500,00